Overseas Placement

Resume Writing

Great Resume helps in securing a job. We assign a professional resume writer to build a great resume for you. He prepares the resume with the requirements. Once you provide your personal and professional information, our resume experts will prepare a great resume within the stipulated time.

Job Search Service

Migration Ideas will support you and guide you in your job search while you are at home country itself. When you choose this service, the job search team exclusively works on exploring your resume and applying for jobs on behalf of you. When you choose this service, it helps you to save lots of your valuable time.

Benefits of our Services

  • You will get world class Resume along with Cover Letter.
  • We will help you to create a productive LinkedIn profile.
  • We will do Resume Marketing with our database so that it helps you to find the dream job when you are in the home country.
  • Resume writing; resume marketing, finding a job and guidance in the immigration process altogether in a single package.
  • This package is cost effective it saves your time and money.

*Notice: Please Notice that Migration Ideas won't charge you a placement fee after getting a job. What we do is market your resume with our database and resources. We do not provide the guarantee of employment all we do is guide you and assist you to get your dream job.

Migration Ideas Path Report

Customized Overseas Opportunities and Solutions (COOS) Report is a combination of Career Counseling and Technical Evaluation report with accrued information. Through this report, sales consultant doesn't require to get panic when the client is asking multiple questions on different products and services.

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