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Germany is one of the most popular and wealthiest countries in European Union that seeking highly qualified professionals to work in well-paid positions and encourages all young and skilled workers to come and work.

Germany is the largest economy in the Europe and 5th largest in the world. There is a huge demand for skilled workers in Germany especially in the field of IT, Health, Research, Manufacturing, etc. Germany is a highly industrialized country, so there are plenty opportunities for skilled workers.

Germany Job Seeker Visa allows candidates to search for a job in Germany and they can stay in the country for six months. There is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors especially in IT, Health, Research, Manufacturing sectors, so there is more scope for great career development to the skilled and technical workers. When coming to the unemployment, it is only 7% in Germany.

The main benefit of Germany Job Seeker visa is the processing time to get the visa which is less than 6 months. After getting a job, the candidates can apply for Blue Card. After completion of 5 years of stay in Germany, the individuals can apply for permanent residency.

Program Benefits
  • Germany Job Seeker Visa allows 6 months residence permit which is very long.
  • This visa allows you to attend interviews and find a job in your expertise skilled area.
  • In most cases, employers will sponsor visa if not you need to do it by yourself, and visa validity depends on the employer.
  • When compared to the other EU visas the decision for this visa is very fast.
  • EU Blue Card holders can apply for permanent residence after 33 months, or you can get a permit for permanent residence in just 21 months if you have Language skills at a B1 level of CEFR (German language).
  • You need to complete residence of 5 years on an employment resident permit to apply for permanent residency. After completing 5 years of residency with PR in Germany, you can apply for citizenship.
Eligibility Criteria

For the Germany Jobseeker visa, there is no points-based test.

However to be eligible for this visa candidate

  • Must be a graduate
  • Must have 3+ years of work experience
  • Must be very proficient in the English Language and also it is recommended to learn the German Language
  • Age must be below 50years.
Processing Time

The processing timeline is 4 to 6 months.

Why Germany?
  • Low Unemployment Rate
  • One of the largest economies in the world
  • High Demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Professionals especially in the field of IT, Health, Research, etc.
  • Germany encourages invention and innovation
  • Germany is the top exporter in the world
  • Shortage of skilled workers in many sectors
  • Job holders in Germany have insurance against illness and long-term care needs
Processing Fees

Visa Fees: EUR 60

Job Seeker Visa Qualification Assessment Fees: 200 Euro if Applicable

Document Verification Fees: INR 25,000 - 45,000

Migration Ideas Visa Process
  • Register with Migration Ideas by making the payment online/in person.
  • Migration Ideas will assign a dedicated Process Counselor to work on your case.
  • Process Counselor will issue the document checklist
  • Submit the documents as per the checklist.
  • PC will compile the file and arrange all the documents as per the required format of the applying country.
  • Dispatch the application to the Client.
  • Upon receiving the application if paper based applicant need to visit the nearest VFS/Embassy office to submit the documents in person.
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