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Germany Qualification Assessment


The higher education certificates awarded by some countries in the world are not eligible for Germany to start or continue their professional career in the country. These certificates are not governed by Federal Government’s Recognition Act. If this is the case, the candidates can directly apply for German Labor Market. For a better perspective of their career, the candidates must complete their Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) final qualification assessments.

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) will assess the certificates of the candidates who are interested in the professional career in Germany. The assessment entirely relies on Lisbon convention. The evaluation of the candidates will be done once the candidate completes the higher education program. The certification helps candidates to focus on the German Labor Market.

Germany will compare the certificates given in their country with the certificates provided in other countries. Procedure for professional recognition is different from the procedure for certificate assessment. Candidates also make a note that the assessment is required for only specific regions of the world where the condition is applicable.

Process Steps

Step 1:

  • Client Approach to Migration Ideas and Sign up for the process
  • Assigning professional counselor to client
  • Providing free Counseling and resolving all queries
  • The counselor will send a list of required documents to the client

Step 2:

  • Providing required information to provide better assistance to client
  • The client needs to submit required documents to the counselor
  • The counselor will check documents
  • Online registration in ZAB website and online form filling

Step 3:

  • The client should send the filled form along with Notarized documents to ZAB, Germany by courier.
  • An online payment instruction will send to the client Email by ZAB
  • After that client needs to pay specified bank account with an amount of EUR 200

Step 4:

  • ZAB will send the final report to the client within 1 to 2 months
Processing Time & Other Fees

Migration Ideas Processing Time: 2-3 Business days

Processing Time for Assessment: 1-2 months

Fee for Assessment by ZAB: EUR 200

Other Costs: For Notary INR 1500 and Courier INR 2000

*There is No refund for this product

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