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Manitoba Provisional Nominee Program for Business


Manitoba Province located in central part of the Canada. It has the population of 1.2 million. The capital of Manitoba province is Winnipeg which is the largest city with a population of 0.73 million. Recently the immigrants in Manitoba are increased exponentially.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business is a popular program to Migrate Canada which was launched on February 4, 2015, allows Manitoba Province to nominate qualified business people who intend to move to Manitoba to establish or become partners in an existing business. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business nominates who wish to settle in Manitoba to the Canadian Government for permanent resident status.

Manitoba Province has the best lifestyle which fulfills all the needs. At present roughly 13,000 immigrants are migrating to Manitoba as its Industrialization is growing. Many Immigrants choice is Manitoba province because of its low cost of living, high quality of life and friendly people. Individuals with skills and resources to contribute to the growth of Manitoba province may also immigrate with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Key Features of the Program
  • Low Investment, i.e., CAD 250,000 for ventures/firms located in the Manitoba Capital Region.
  • Low Investment, i.e., CAD 150,000 for ventures/firms located outside of the territorial limits of the Manitoba Capital Region.
  • The immigration system is transparent and straightforward.
  • The planned venture must generate revenue and provide not less than one job for a local Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident in Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Province is the excellent place to live with Multi-cultural communities.
  • The top class education system and good health care facilities for permanent citizens of Canada
  • Business-friendly environment and support from the government.
  • Manitoba is popular for industries like manufacturing, aerospace, and transportation, etc.
  • Many Immigrants choice is Manitoba province because of its low cost of living, high quality of life and friendly people.
Eligibility Criteria

Age: The minimum age is 21 years, and the maximum age is 50 years.

Personal net worth: You should have minimum Personal net worth of CAD 350,000

Education: No Education Qualification Required.

Experience: You should have minimum three years of business ownership experience in the past five years to assess for the points system. Senior management or business ownership experience defined by the PNP-B will be counted for point’s assessment. There will be no points for if you have other experiences like middle-level management and self-employed business ownership experience.

English Language Proficiency: You should have proficiency in reading, writing & speaking English. Minimum score in IELTS/TOEFL/ CELPIP is mandatory.

Selection Factors

Selection Factor

Maximum points

Business Knowledge 15
Business Experience15
Net Worth15
English and/or French Fluency20
Enhanced Settlement Factors20

* Minimum Pass mark is 60 out of 100 points

Process Time

You need to submit EOI once you submit EOI it remains in the pool for 12 months. The processing time is in between 4 to 6 months after receiving of LLA.

Application Processing Fee

Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission: No Fee

Nomination Application fee after receiving of Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA): CAD 2500

Applicant needs to sign a Deposit Agreement of CAD 100,000 with Government of Manitoba once the nomination approved.

Note: This amount is refundable once investment in the business area he/she proposed has been verified.

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