Migration Ideas Path Report


Customized Overseas Opportunities and Solutions (COOS) Report is a combination of Career Counseling and Technical Evaluation report with accrued information. Through this report, sales consultant doesn't require to get panic when the client is asking multiple questions on different products and services.

This report offers a complete roadmap that helps the client to identify the skills, certifications, mindset, and experiences he needs in order to become a successful professional overseas.

A structured analysis will be delivered after an 'Immigration Expert' reviews profile in depth. It answers client as of where does he stand as on date in terms of global mobility.

COOS gives career advice, a documented solution that he/she can refer back later and plan his/her career based on the suggestions given. COOS Report provides complete candidate profile overview, scorecard, a SWOT analysis, career path or strategy sheet, recommendations and requisites.

COOS report will answer the entire related question to the overseas opportunities.

What are the benefits of a career and life abroad?

Am I eligible to go abroad? If yes, what country and how will it help my family?

Can I go on a work visa? Is my occupation in demand?

How do I purpose the whole process?

How much investment do I need to start a business overseas?

Why Migration Ideas

  • One Stop for all Migration Processes
  • Founded in 2007
  • Pre and Post Visa Assistance
  • International Presence
  • Expert Consultants
  • Thousands of Success Stories

Process Steps

Step 1:

  • Client Approach to Migration Ideas
  • Assigning professional counselor to client

Step 2:

  • Providing free Counseling and resolving all queries
  • Providing required information to provide better assistance to client

Step 3:

  • Signing up for Migration Ideas advanced counseling
  • Finally getting a strategic report containing all information about course recommendations and suggestions

Processing Time

3-5 working days after personal interview session over the Phone

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